Sage 50 Quantum

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is the top-of-the-line accounting software application in the Sage 50 series, accommodating from one to forty users and offering a wide variety of defined feature sets based on the user’s business type.

Quantum Accounting users have the ability to create databases optimized for

  •  distributors
  • manufacturers
  • construction and other job-focused businesses
  • nonprofits
  • accountants

adding more capabilities to the already-rich core feature set available in the basic Sage 50 Premium Accounting application. A selection of  industry-specific charts of accounts, along with other enhancements, make this the product of choice for many companies that fall into one of the above categories of business.

Sage 50 Quantum Quantum Accounting includes all of the features available in the Sage 50 Premium Accounting Edition, but provides those features in an application optimized for high volume transaction entry and server-side processing. The so-called “Cloud” version of Quantum (available via subscription only) includes a database synchronization feature that allows remote users with a local installation of the application to access data in the Cloud, and synch those changes back to the on-premises database in the office.

While Sage 50 Premium Accounting is capped at a maximum of five named users, the Sage 50 Quantum Accounting license is available for up to forty named users.

Sage publishes a retail “list” price for Quantum Accounting,  Note, however, that these prices  are frequently modified by “sales promotions”, both by Sage Software and by TriStar.

Sage 50 Accounting products, both Premium and Quantum editions, are available either as a “perpetual” license purchase, or as an annually renewable subscription license. Pricing is different depending on the license type.

Check with the Peachtree Wizards for our current Sage 50 pricing before committing to a purchase from someone else!