Sage 50 Premium



Sage 50 Premium

subscription Sage50cloud_PremiumSage 50 Premium Accounting is the flagship product for the Sage 50 product line.  Targeted at small businesses who need access to their accounting software for one to five users, Sage 50  provides the tools most small businesses need for managing customers and sales, purchasing and receiving, inventory management, job tracking, and more.

Sage 50 offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. All menus and navigation aids are labeled with terminology familiar to most accounting software users, and are organized in a consistent fashion. Customization to the user interface is available at the user level, and the security settings for user access to accounting data are highly configurable.

Sage 50 Premium  ships with over 100 built-in reports and financial statements, all of which can be further customized by the user without compromising the design of the “standard” report. The application also ships with a custom report writer that allows users to connect their Sage 50 data to Excel for further report customization.

A key feature of Sage 50 Premium is the ability to “archive” your database at any time, in a “read only” database, so that your “live” database can stay slim and fit for fast processing, without losing access to any historical data needed for analysis, comparisons, etc.

Sage publishes a retail “list” subscription price for Sage 50 Premium Accounting. Note, however, that these prices are “list” prices, and are frequently modified by “sales promotions”, both by Sage Software and by TriStar.

Check with The Peachtree Wizards for current Sage 50 subscription pricing before committing to a purchase from someone else!