Credit Card Processing in Sage 50 via PayInvoice

by Mar 7, 2022Add-Ons

Payment of invoices by credit card significantly increased with the onset of the pandemic, when many workers were unable to enter their offices to process paper checks. Spurred by this uptick in activity, some software developers have created new integrations to their credit card processing services to streamline the payment processing function, in an attempt to “stand out from the crowd.” Skyline Payment Systems is one of these “standout” companies, offering the “PayInvoice” service as a very tight integration with Sage 50 2022.

One of the more compelling features of PayInvoices is the simplicity of its interface. A simple click of a “Pay Now” button, automatically embedded at the bottom of your electronic invoice, will allow your customer to quickly and securely process their invoice payment, either by credit card, debit card, or ACH check, on a secure, PCI compliant website, with minimal data entry required. Once completed the payment will flow back to Sage 50 and automatically update and reconcile the invoice with no further intervention on the part of your staff.

The PayInvoice service also provides a highly automated customer management function for your customer’s open invoices. Customers can be configured for automatic payment reminders “x” number of days before the invoice due date, and can also be set up for automatic late fee generation, prompt payment discounts, and credit card surcharge fees. All of this can be managed on a client-by-client basis by your staff via a simple user interface.

Via a “customer portal”, the customer can see, review, and pay any or all open invoices, make partial payments, and can review their past payment history, freeing office staff to perform more important functions than responding to customer payment inquiries.

And all of these capabilities are completely and seamlessly woven into the Sage 50 Accounts Receivable system, providing a truly integrated and simple-to-use method for processing customer payments. And for getting paid on time.

Click here to request a demonstration of the PayInvoice service for Sage 50. To watch a brief video of the service in action, click on this video link.

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